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DASH! design-school from Kharkiv, Ukraine

looks for collaborators internationally!

Макет будинку Захара

russia invaded Ukraine full-scale on 24th of February 2022

We woke up early about 5 am under russian bomb attacks next to our houses in different Ukrainian cities. We cancelled all the classes. Some of our students families were already on the way to leave their city or country. Now it's more than a year as this horror is not stopping. Our students and tutors are "relatively safe" in Ukraine and around the globe mostly not in their homes. Two of our tutors are serving in Armed Forces.

dash! studio 2018-2020.png

What we do?

We are supporting our tutors and students community and providing free classes for IDP kids and other Ukraininan kids who are mostly stuck with on-line education in front of their screens and as soon as schools in Ukraine are operating online only during the war.

On the photo you can see the building where our studio operated in 2018-2020. In 2021 we moved to a bigger space just on the neighbouring street.

So now we are looking for opportunities to partner with individuals and institutions around the world to share our experience and continue our operation and capacity building.

Why collaborate?

1. Promote creation in your local community

2. Get a new partner from different culture for an enriching exchange

3. Stand with Ukraine, stand for better society

Місто 1.jpg

About DASH!

A design-school founded by an architect, educator and writer Bohdan Volynskyi in 2015 and empowered by local architecture community. Best known by it's experimental and forward-thinking approach giving outstanding results and vital community atmoshere. Started as an experiment school proved to be successful involving thousands of students from 7 Ukrainian cities in programs ranging from 2 hours master-class to 3 years education courses.

Our main website is unavailable for now, but you can find detailed overview of our work here.

What do we stand for?

Our priorities in practice are: taking relevant challenges which are defined by understanding of society and citizenship, innovations fuelled by constant experiments and ethics derived from empathy to our neighbours and love to our planet.

In educational process we promote equality and inclusion establishing an engaging dialogue, making our students co-authors of their program, including diverse groups and opinions into our learning courses and by other means. We are fostering the festive feeling of community and co-creation with welcoming atmosphere at our studio where you can make a nice acquaintance without even expecting. We are an ambitious group so competitive results are as important as supportive process. Our high standards are creating a culture of love and care to your work dedicated to society.


Our experience

1. DASH! main course is a sequence of three year-round courses in architecture exploring relations between body and space, critical view on living together and looking for your own way in profession.

2. Collaborating with other professionals we are creating programs in graphic design, web design, interior design, structural design, sketching etc. This and other experiments we are recently converted into Design-club which is program with a flexible student-led curriculum and festive nature.

3. In summer we have different kinds of camps collaborating with local communities and/or businesses to explore the city creating comix or making models of a building favourite details or making small urban interventions like a cat house or a playground designed and built by kids.


4. Beside it's own courses and workshops DASH! collaborates with art-galleries, festivals and museums with original programs. 

5. We are also creating and delivering programs in schools aiming reach a wider audience and make responsible creative practices a regular thing.

How collaborate?

Let's make a workshop in your community led by you or your organisation in partnership with DASH!

Timeframes: It could be a one-time event, a series of workshops or a long-term courses as well. We will do most of what can be done online. 


Topic: Ukrainian architecture heritage is in danger due to russian bombing attacks, so we would appreciate studying our most interesting buildings to spread knowledge about architecture.

Language: We can provide all necessary information in English, while workshops by local tutors would be led in their mother tongue. 

We can start with arranging a video call to select a type of the program and discuss details such as dates, communication campaign, budget, fees, tutors etc. 

DASH! is providing:

- detailed programs 

- consultancy for managers

- preparing tutors via zoom

Your (organisation) part:

- premises

- on-site management and communication

- legal representation 

Things to do together:

- budget

- advert

contact us on

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